SCS 2015-First Local

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Wow it’s been a long time!  I have been quite busy the past couple months.  I made a goal after my disappointing performance at ABS Regionals in December, and that was to get in the gym AT LEAST 5 days … Continued

The Plateau

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As climbers we are all familiar with what is known as the training plateau.  It is very frustrating, especially when you are training with a team because you have to pretend to be feeling it even when you aren’t.  There … Continued

First Time Climbing Outdoors

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So today, my coach took me and another one of teammates to the Riverside Rock Quarry to sport climb.  It was so fun.  I have wanted to go outside for a while, but something was always holding me back.  My … Continued

Local Comp #2

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Today was my second competition.  It went amazing! Here’s an overview; I flashed 5 climbs (way better than the 1 top I had last comp).  This gym was not what I was used to.   The walls were short, 3 … Continued

My Love for Climbing

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My love for climbing can be described in one word…Obsessed.  Now I’m not one of those climbers that thinks they are the next big thing and spend hours training at the gym and climb 5.11’s.  I’m obsessed in the sense … Continued

Fear of Falling

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I like most people have a fear of falling.  As a climber, the fear of falling can really mess with your head and affect your performance.  Lead falls are the scariest.  I recently had a really bad lead fall that … Continued

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